West Lynn Shops – agenda for AT Dec17

West Lynn Shops agenda with AT - Solutions to create extra parking in the village around key shopping areas

West Lynn Shops Reference Group

Agenda Items

1.      Apologies (apologies received from Pippa Coom and Richard Lees)

2.      Introductions

3.      Confirm today’s agenda

4.      Previous meeting and matters arising

5.      Design Review  – presentation by Boffa Miskell

6.      Safety and accessibility reviews – update from AT

7.      Parking Update

8.      Bus Stops update

9.      Cycleway Update

10.   West Lynn Village next steps – Joe Schady to present on progress to date and next steps.

11.   Community Liaison Group representation – discussion on membership of the Community Liaison Groups (noting the intention to formalise the West Lynn CLG, and form a Surrey/Old Mill/Garnet Rd CLG in the new year)

12.   Any other business



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