Grey Lynn Urban centre strategy

Grey Lynn Urban Centre strategy – this is about building successful businesses in the Grey Lynn area by using international retailing strategists to provide a pathway to developing and enhancing the Grey Lynn area in general. As we heard from First Retail Managing Director Chris Wilkinson the thing that really distinguishes Grey Lynn from other retail areas within Auckland is the sense of being intertwined in its community and shared values. It’s about understanding our roots, how we are today and what we aspire to be in the future.  Chris and his team want to really get into the minds of what business think, what they want, what they need and they want to have a great dialogue with the owners of business premises and find out as much about what they think as possible.

Some Q and A’s about the strategy:

How did the proposal to develop a strategy come about?

GLBA spent most of last year developing some core values for the Association and how businesses that belong to the Association are exemplars. The Association is purely voluntary and we don’t have professionals doing this work for us like other business districts such as Ponsonby or Parnell.

Grey Lynn was the weakest link in the cycle network strategy the City is pursuing. AT tried to do something about this but failed badly upsetting both the community and retailers who suffered pain and frustration for their neighbourhood being turned into something no one liked anymore.

Working with Boffa Miskill urban landscape and designers a new concept for the cycle ways is emerging. If these design concepts proceed to fruition there will be further business disruption. The strategy is inpart about getting ahead of the game.

Who is paying for First Retail?

AT are paying as part of the business recovery process after major street works disruption

What do they  First Retail do?

They are specialists in urban regeneration from a retailing perspective.

How do they do that?

They gather information and incites from all stakeholders in the community and develop high level plans and ideas which can be given to the businesses association in terms of a pathway forward. With Grey Lynn as we have said this will have a strong community focus.

What’s their background?

The team we are working with are all globally experienced retailers. Retailing is their passion but they now work in the consulting space taking and sifting mountains of information and distilling it into something we can all understand.

How experienced are they?

Extremely they work around the globe so we are getting the best global thinking applied to a very Grey Lynn solution.

Why is an urban centre strategy important?

Its about putting yourself on an ever increasingly crowded map and attracting shoppers, visitors and people in general to the Grey Lynn community.

Can we speak to them?

Absolutely they really welcome engagement because that is how we will get this right.

Talk to Managing Director of First Retail Chris Wilkingson Ph 021 425 005 or Lorraine Nicholson 021 798 099

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