Grey Lynn plastic bag free July!

Launch of West Lynn/ Grey Lynn going Plastic Bag free on worldwide Plastic Bag FREE Day 1st July!

A group of passionate locals and businesses, are moving Grey Lynn and West Lynn Village towards
being plastic bag free, starting this July. There is great community and business support but to make
a long term change we need everyone’s support and participation.

Why are we doing this?

New Zealanders use around 1.6 billion single-use plastic bags every year, which are used for an
average of 20 minutes each, but last for hundreds of years. They end up in landfills, as litter, or even
worse – in our oceans. They can choke and strangle marine animals, and as they break down, enter
our food chain where fish swallow them. It is hard to recycle plastic bags. Recycling may hold off
some of the problem, but it does not eradicate it. Recent developments are encouraging with
Richmond Road Countdown having gone plastic bag free on 21st May, and other big retailers
following closely. By making Grey Lynn plastic bag free we will be joining a growing number of
communities around New Zealand (and the world!) who don’t want to be part of this global
pollution epidemic.
When will this happen?
The launch will be on Sunday 1st July. And from then on, many retailers are signing up to keep the
village plastic bag free.

GL going SUPB FREE – Comms -June2018

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