Since 1 January 2014, GLBA members may join as one of 3 categories, according to size of the business. Membership fees and types of membership as follows:

Member categoryDefinition
Fee (pa)
Member benefitsNotes
CompanyBusiness of 10 or more staff
All staff have member entitlements.
The business is the member not named staff – all staff of the business are covered.
SME (Small-Medium Enterprise)Business of 9 or fewer staff (as FTE)
Full business listing and profile page.
All staff (to a max of 9) have member entitlements.
Membership covers the business and staff;
ST (Sole Trader)
Sole trader or small business with 1 FTE staff
Full business listing and profile page.  Member entitlements to events/seminars are for the individual only.
The individual (principal person) is the member and is not assignable to another person.
ST (Friend/Associate)The same as a Sole Trader but without a business.
Listed by person’s name. The individual is entitled to a profile page and has full member benefits.
Membership is of the named individual and not assignable.

Note: Networking drinks events are not included in member benefits – everyone is welcome!!