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Nutrition Seminars and personal nutrition consulting

Julianne from Zone Nutrition is a registered nurse and paleo nutritionist. In 1996 Julianne experienced the dramatic difference eating differently made to her life; from that moment she was hooked on the power of diet to improve health.

Her research and trials with clients have found that eating like our ancestors i.e. the Paleo diet, eating in line with our hunter gatherer genes, gives the best possible health and weight management. Julianne presents regular highly rates Paleo Nutrition seminars at the Grey Lynn Community centre and works one on one with people who need to help getting their diet and supplements right for them.

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Contact: Julianne Taylor

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Thanks for all the support over the years

Thanks to GLBA for all the support over the years, Toi Ora has really gained from it.

the courses and networking with local businesses are invaluable

I’ve been a member of the Grey Lynn Business Association for a couple of years now and I’ve found the courses they run and the speakers they have are excellent. This combined with the opportunity to meet local business owners is invaluable to ...

Dave Sauvage
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