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I will inspire and guide you to a healthier wellbeing through a holistic approach

My mission is to inspire, guide and move people to a more vital and healthier well-being by providing a holistic approach. With over 20 years of experience in the health and fitness industry, I guide people to improve their health through lifestyle choices, to encourage good health practices as a habit, rather than a hobby. I look at the human being as a whole, as there is more to good health and well-being than just movement & nutrition. A wide range of functional diagnostic tests enables me to truly personalise your health program to a whole new level. With these improvements you can seamlessly achieve your movement, vitality and wellness aspirations. I want your time with me to be an invaluable investment toward your long-term health. Please reach out when you are ready to make amazing changes to your movement, health and happiness.

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Mobile: +64 27 331 8276
Contact: Ginera Linton-Ozich

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Thanks for all the support over the years

Thanks to GLBA for all the support over the years, Toi Ora has really gained from it.

the courses and networking with local businesses are invaluable

I’ve been a member of the Grey Lynn Business Association for a couple of years now and I’ve found the courses they run and the speakers they have are excellent. This combined with the opportunity to meet local business owners is invaluable to ...

Dave Sauvage
Sauvage Design Ltd

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