Energise Me

For those who won't settle for anything anything less than optimal performance

Primal Culture* is about providing cutting edge health supplements for optimal performance, superioir brain function and anti aging. *Primal Culture is now rebranded as Energise Me.

We are proud to sell Bulletproof products. A true leader in COFFEE and health supplements. A new revolution has hit New Zealand. Coffee is a superfood. YES! Its true.. The amazing Dave Asprey has with a super team engineered in his pursuit for the perfect cuppa a truly profound coffee. Upgraded Coffee.

Plantations have been carefully sourced and beans are harvested by seasoned pickers. The beans are then processed so that toxins normally present on coffee beans are kept to a bare minimum. Its these toxins that give coffee its bad rap. Thank goodness for BulletProof. Thank goodness for Upgraded Coffee! Thanks Goodness for a GUILTLESS CUPPA!!

Email: trudy@energiseme.co.nz

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Contact: Trudy Northcott

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Thanks for all the support over the years

Thanks to GLBA for all the support over the years, Toi Ora has really gained from it.

the courses and networking with local businesses are invaluable

I’ve been a member of the Grey Lynn Business Association for a couple of years now and I’ve found the courses they run and the speakers they have are excellent. This combined with the opportunity to meet local business owners is invaluable to ...

Dave Sauvage
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