Ashleigh Ogilvie-Lee

Ashleigh Ogilvie-Lee

A bit of Kiwi ingenuity is helping people keep track of their sunglasses.

Ashleigh Ogilvie-Lee was tired of losing between 30 and 50 pairs of reading glasses a year, so she created a style of glasses she would not misplace.

“One of the worst things about getting older is suddenly everything is two steps,” she says. “You go to the supermarket and you want to read something and you actually have to find your glasses, and that’s so frustrating.”

SlapSee sunglasses, invented and designed in Wellington, are similar to the design of slap bands. They combine a hinging nose bridge with silicone-coated metal arms, so they can be “slapped” around a wearer’s wrist, ankle, steering wheel, handlebars or anything else.

After moving from Auckland to Wellington for a government job when she was 26, Ogilvie-Lee stayed in the capital to raise a family.


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