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Grey Lynn Business Improvement District (BID) Campaign


The Grey Lynn Business Association (GLBA) is campaigning for Grey Lynn to become a Business Improvement District (BID). Currently, there are 51 BIDs across Auckland, providing support to local businesses and promoting economic prosperity. Grey Lynn's inclusion as a BID will ensure our businesses receive similar benefits and prevent us from missing out on these crucial advantages.

BID Area

The proposed BID area includes approximately 400 commercial and 300 residential-based businesses. This area is characterized by diverse shops, creative industries, and significant investments in infrastructure.

BID Boundary .jpg

Benefits of a BID

  • Economic Development: A BID will foster local economic growth, attracting new businesses and customers.

  • Targeted Rate Funding: BIDs are funded by a targeted rate collected by Auckland Council and fully allocated back to the BID organization.

  • Business Priorities: Based on surveys, the proposed budget focuses on marketing and promotion, representation and influence, business skills and networks, and placemaking.

Proposed Budget

  • Marketing and Promotion: $100,000

  • Representation and Influence: $50,000

  • Business Skills and Networks: $90,000

  • Placemaking: $80,000

Learn from other BIDs

BIDs such as Onehunga, Milford, Heart of The City, Ponsonby and K Road have seen substantial benefits, including increased foot traffic, improved safety, and enhanced business environments. Grey Lynn is the only inner city suburb not yet a BID, and it’s crucial we join the ranks to avoid falling behind.

business not represented glba.jpg

GLBA's Role

GLBA's Role: GLBA, a volunteer organization, has supported businesses in Grey Lynn for a decade. The BID will transition GLBA from a volunteer-based model to a professional framework, ensuring sustainable support and advocacy for local businesses.

Cost and Value

The total annual cost is $320,000, distributed among 408 commercial properties. Rates vary, with most properties paying between $600 and $900 annually.

For more information, visit Auckland's BID Programme.

Voting Period

The voting period for the BID campaign will take place from 15 October 2024 through to 15 November 2024.  Make sure to cast your vote within this period to ensure your voice is heard.

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