Survey for AT on Proposed Residential Parking Zone

GLBA Survey of businesses

Proposed Residents Parking Zone

The Grey Lynn Business Association has carried out a survey of its member and other businesses in the Grey Lynn area within the consultation zone advised by Auckland Transport in regard to the proposed Residents Parking Zone.

Following a public meeting for consultation with businesses we became aware of the impact such an RPZ would have on our businesses that have recently been badly affected by major and continuing roadworks. Some businesses are struggling with the impact the roadworks have had on their business and may not survive. An RPZ would certainly assist with customer parking, however additional restrictions and costs imposed on the businesses and their staff are of concern to us at this difficult time.

Grey Lynn/West Lynn is undergoing major works which have been well publicised in the media, to the extent that AT has paused works pending review. The project team consulted West Lynn businesses who requested that a section of West Lynn around the shopping precinct area be included in the RPZ and for time-limited parking spaces for customers be provided in the shopping area – 10min, 60min etc. Please see Appendix 1 for a full evaluation of the consultation.

Results of our survey:

95% of respondents are Retail, Service or Professional – most likely to be affected by an RPZ. Businesses in the Hospitality sector predominantly operate outside 8am to 6pm, the time restriction subject to RPZ terms.

The business size of respondents is fairly typical of businesses in the area, being sole trader to SME.

Staff employed:

57%    of the businesses have 1-4 staff

29%    5-9

9%    10-14 staff

5%    15 or more

From these data, average staff count per business is estimated at 5.


Parking for staff:

Few businesses have onsite parking.

In 95% of cases, businesses with onsite parking declare it is insufficient for their staff.

75% of businesses responding report that restricting parking on residential streets would pose challenges to their business, as their staff park in residential streets.

Almost all of these businesses (71% of respondents) would take up the annual $70 parking permit and there is support for the parking permit to be readily available to all small businesses in the area.

There are no public parking areas such as Wilsons that we are aware of, for staff use, in the Grey Lynn area.

While more can be done to encourage use of public transport, a large section of Grey Lynn is poorly served by public transport. Businesses along the Great North Rd arterial route are relatively well-served, and this covers areas we refer to as Northern Slopes, and Grey Lynn Village. However other areas of Grey Lynn – being West Lynn, Richmond Rise (from Animates and northwards), Westmere have little choice in public transport – the Outer Link, one bus route and no rail or ferry connections. Staff working in these areas have little choice but to drive.

We are aware that staff travel from many outlying areas such as Whangaparaoa, Howick for which public transport connections are unrealistic to/from these areas.

The recent parking survey results reinforce the area of greatest demand and these are the streets like Turakina which are close to the GNR arterial route and buses, and within 1.5kms of Kingsland train station.

We are of the view that there would be little demand for Hide and Ride parking on residential areas further from Great North Rd, and 400m or more distance from Richmond Rd or West End Rd.



The survey asked what would be estimated cost to the business should they fund the $5 parking coupons for staff.

If businesses funded day parking coupons for their staff, the average annual cost is $3,950.

Given that the average size of businesses in Grey Lynn is relatively small which is not a small amount given the relatively small size of local businesses.

If businesses ask staff to cover their costs there is the risk of staff loss, for example the local primary school where staff are already meeting high housing costs and have plenty of option to change schools.



  1. GLBA supports introducing a Residents Parking Zone in Grey Lynn and welcome the improved customer parking it will provide for businesses.
  2. The typical business is small (est staff count 5) and not well protected from introduced measures (RPZ staff parking) that would add to costs.
  3. All businesses should be entitled to at least one parking permit with no exceptions.
  4. Some businesses may wish to purchase additional $70 parking permits, and this should be considered with criteria to be determined.
  5. Some areas of Grey Lynn are poorly served with public transport and we submit that these areas would –
    1. Face less demand from hide and ride commuters, and
    2. Should remain free of RPZ to provide a certain amount of freely available parking for staff of local businesses, eg in West Lynn
  6. We suggest that areas of Grey Lynn/Westmere further than 400m from bus routes in Richmond Rd and West End Rd remain outside of the RPZ restricted area, at least until such time as public transport options improve. See attached diagram that approximates the areas referred to.
  7. All businesses in Grey Lynn should be entitled to offer their staff authorised passes for one day of free bus travel per fortnight, for the duration of one year, to encourage staff to move to public transport.


Where: Yellow is GNR arterial route connections – include in RPZ

Beige is Richmond Rd bus route and should also include the area referred to in Appendix 1 – include in RPZ

Red is approximate area that should be excluded from RPZ and would provide a comfort zone of available parking for local employees.

Notes: 1. the colour blocks are very approximate, but indicate the principle that there should be a section of Grey Lynn which is zoned residential, distant from arterial routes or rapid transport, and should be left free of RPZ.

  1. colour blocks are provided only in the Grey Lynn area and do not aim to comment on residents parking in Westmere, Ponsonby etc



West Lynn Business Study – extension to the RPZ


From working with local businesses in the West Lynn shopping area we have a general consensus that when the proposed RPZ comes into effect it will create a flow on effect clogging up the Western side of the West Lynn shops with park and ride commuters. For businesses that rely on customers this has a choking effect on patronage as they rely on having enough customer parking so customers are able to access stores rather than have parks taken up by park and ride customers who will be using it as a free carpark for the full day when driving from outside the area. Some businesses have opposed (see below list) these are service based businesses with high levels of employees and employee needs.


Businesses for the extension 27

Businesses against the extension 4





Businesses for the extension of the RPZ

Raw Essentials



Richmond Road Food Market (dairy)

Pommes Frites


Neal’s Superette

Nature Baby

Baby on the Move


Saviour and Devour

Roast Shop

Liquor Store


Gypsy Tea Rooms

Cherry and Whites

Honey Bones


Durum and Wheat



Dear Reader

Big Sur


Phoenix cosmetics


Jet set Bohemian


Those against

Amica Boutique

SBF Hair

H and Co

Ray white


We have conducted a survey of current daytime parking taken up by all day parking and it has been hard to discern who are park and ride commuters, who are local workers and who are residents. We can confirm that currently 75% of parking in the pink area is taken up with all day parking. Businesses are concerned once the RPZ is installed this figure will rise to 100%. This along with the current squeeze due to carpark restructuring in West Lynn precinct is having a negative effect on business and it is a foregone conclusion once the Grey Lynn area becomes a RPZ that these commuters will move into these streets to start the next choking of residential and consumer parking for the local stores.



To protect the integrity and viability of a historical and culturally important shopping hub we ask that RPZ is extended into the pink area, it is important that it happens with the current proposal as two years of parking congestion will have further negative impact on businesses.


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