Funk-up-my-Junk & the Floral Studio collaborate

Funk up My Junk and The Floral Studio Grey Lynn collaborate

In an exciting extension of the recent Grey Lynn 2030 sponsored Trash to Trade competition “Funk Up My Junk and The Floral Studio have announced that the recycled and re worked woodwork of Funk Up My Junk will now retail through The Floral Studio, Shop 2 , 29 Surrey Crescent Grey Lynn.

Buffie Mawhinney is the talented developer of recycled upcycled wood crafting it into book shelves, plant boxes, tear drop plant holders and other extraordinary stuff. These products are at the essence of the environmental sustainability movement taking discarded shelving, draws, cabinets etc and applying her creative talents to develop something extra ordinary and unique. Buffie  has a passion for hexagonal as these are nature’s way of making our lives more interesting and diverse. The woods used are Cedar Oak, Rimu and even Kauri from old art deco no longer in fashion.

Buffie says “from a save the world perspective we need to change how we see items we no longer want or need. They are a resource not rubbish, they still have value and can be fixed, reimagined, upcycled, given away or even recycled before it goes to land fill. “

Combined with ceramic, glass or metal pots the cabinet is a fabulous way to provide unique indoor décor for plants and other special trinkets. The unique plant hangers combine the new with the old and are special way of displaying house plants in houses with minimal space such as apartments.

Irene King part owner of The Floral Studio along with her daughter Natalie says that the challenge for recyclers and new businesses alike is how to commercialise a good idea. When I saw “Funk Up My Junk’ at the recently held Trash to Trade Competition I just went wow that’s just such a great way to display plants and contribute to the environmental sustainability movement.

The Floral Studio is passionate about the values of the environmental sustainability movement and is looking at every possible way of becoming a sustainable floristry business. Many of the flowers we retail are sourced locally and all plants in the shop are grown within 30 ks of the shop.

Our floristry style is best described as eclectic and rustic. Nature and the environment are our constant considerations. The plants we have are like our children carefully nurtured to the point we provide an after sales care service. You can bring plants back for TLC, repotting or just a morale boosting chat. We will also come to your house or business rehab and repotting your plants. We first offered this service with the orchids sold but this now extends to all our plants. While we can normally bring plants back to good health there are the occasional tragedies caused by over watering or just simple bad behaviour.


Come along and see our plants, holders and stands  at shop 2/ 29 Surrey Crescent Grey Lynn or ring us on 09 360 4541




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