Under the scheme, businesses vote collectively to invest in improvements to enhance their local business environment. The council then collects a targeted rate from the businesses and works with them to implement improvements, thereby supporting the economic growth of town centres and business precincts across Auckland.

The Auckland Council approach to BIDs is based on a partnership model. Feedback from stakeholders indicated that this approach offers the best chance of achieving positive business and economic outcomes at both a regional and local level.

The BID programmes do not replicate services already provided by council; rather they channel the capabilities and knowledge of the private sector to improve outcomes and achieve common goals.

Further information about the policy may be found at:

The BID policy is under ongoing review to ensure it works to best effect across Auckland, and is being viewed in Australia as a better business support model than the one operating there.

There are considerable benefits to being a “BID”, principally being certainty and security of the funding base to assist businesses; also that all businesses in the BID area contribute according to an equitable formula. This means that the benefits and costs are shared equitably.

An example of the type of works being carried out in neighbouring BID areas –

  • graffiti control
  • security management
  • beautification

To become a BID is not a simple matter however – there is a considerable amount of consultation required to ensure all businesses understand the process and the benefits, and accept that an additional targeted rate (equivalent to a Business Association subscription) is charged.