About the Grey Lynn Business Association (GLBA)

The purpose of The Grey Lynn Business Association is to support and promote the vitality, prosperity and sustainability of the businesses and communities of Grey Lynn and surrounding areas.

Run by local business people, GLBA works on behalf of its members and advocates, promotes and protects the place, people and businesses of Grey Lynn.

We have four areas of strategic focus:

  • Organisation
  • Advocacy
  • Promotion
  • Community / Social Transformation
  • Infrastructure

Sustainability is at the heart of our business and community and is always considered across all of our business and community decisions and activities.

The Grey Lynn Project – Grey Lynn Urban Centre – Commercial Strategy a 44 page pdf that you can read or download and print.

About the Grey Lynn Business Association

We work to ensure that Grey Lynn remains a great, safe community for us all to do business in. We do it because we believe Grey Lynn isn’t just a place – it’s a state of mind!

If you feel the same way, join us and enjoy the benefits of GLBA membership today.
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Membership Benefits

  • Join an extensive network of local businesses
  • Find new customers in your area
  • Maintain and develop business skills with free seminars
  • Build or improve your online presence with our business directory
  • Raise your profile via our social media channels
  • Lobby to Auckland Council to have Grey Lynn’s voice heard