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Here’s a list of all essential services still operating in Grey Lynn and around, and stay up to date with official information and updates on Covid-19.

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COVID-19: Essential Services in Grey Lynn and around to remain open (click)

Our world has changed in ways the majority of us could not have predicted. As we grapple with uncertainty, we must stay optimistic and calm amidst the storm.

Although we may not know what the upcoming weeks and months hold, rest in knowledge that there will be blues skies yet behind the clouds. Continue reading 

Stay up to date for official updates on COVID-19 (click)


Grey Lynn business association members includes any business located in the Grey Lynn area. You may search for a business by type such as Cafes & Restaurants, Advertising and Media or any of the other classifications. You may also search for a business by location neighbourhood such as street area e.g. Surrey Crescent, Richmond Rd, Gt North Rd or simply Grey Lynn. You may also search for businesses by name. Membership information over here.

How It Works GLBA offers a range of membership benefits including:

Profile & Networking
Create a profile on the GLBA website, and a link to your own website. Network and share with others The GLBA holds monthly networking events, at which members and non-members alike are welcome to attend and have an opportunity to share your business details with others...
Grey Lynn Factor
Grey Lynn businesses hold a wealth of quality expertise, all in the local neighbourhood. Tapping into this through the series of morning learning and knowledge share sessions is a great way to keep up to date and mix with others.
Learning & Advocacy
Often we host expert guest speakers to talk to us about relevant small business topics. Members get free or discounted access to these. A Waitemata Local Board member is on the GLBA board, which enables members to have immediate access to Auckland Council for issues of concern

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